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Top 10 Must-Have Android Apps - Most Useful Android Apps in Daily Life

Android Apps Are the Basic Utensil of Our Daily Life. Apps Help Us in Our Difficulties in Our Life.  It Is the Medium to Get Away with Our Every Problem. Now Apps Are Very Useful Utensils for Us. so In This Article, I Will Explain the Most useful Android Apps in Daily Life. and I Also Cover Some Apps Which Are Most Used by Android Users.

All of The Above Are the Most Unique Apps for Android. It Also Helps Us in Our Daily Life.  It Is the Most Downloaded App on The Play Store. You Can Easily Download or Install These Apps on Your Android Phone. so We'll Explain About This App. I Also Let You Know About the Advantages and Good Things About These Apps.

The Good Things About These Apps Are the Best Android Apps of All Time. These Apps Are Used by Millions and Billions of People. You Can Try This App on Your Smartphone. so Do Not Waste Any Time Let Start the Topic.


Top 10 Must-Have Android Apps


I Categories These Apps on Ranking Top 10 Must-Have Android Apps.  So We Will Provide a Link to Download These Apps You Can Easily Download. the Link Is Directly Redirected to The Installation Setup.


1. Google Map

Locations Are Added on The Internet. It Means We Can Easily See the Location of Any Place. so Google Map Is the Best App for Searching Location on Android Phone. You Can Easily Find and Track Any Location by Using These Apps.


You Can Explore Routes, Maps, and Tracks. We Can Easily Add Our Own Location on Google Map. It Means We Can Add Our Company or Home Location on Google Map. 

There Are Over 1billion Active Users on Google Map.


There Were Over 25 Million Updates Daily on These Apps. Based on Real-Time Location Information. It Covers 99% Coverage of The World. You Can Find All Places or Countries on Google Maps.


Advantages of Google Map 

  • It Is Free and Genuine Android Apps.
  • It Helps to Show Your Business Image.
  • It Provides to Add Your Own Location-Based Industry and Company.
  • You Can Encourage People to Visit Your Company and Website.


2. Google Assistant 

It Is the Personal Ai Assistant for Android Users. It Is the Alternative to Alexa and Siri. You Can Use This App for Simple Tasks on Your Android Phone. by Using This App You Can Do Anything by Voice Command.


You Can Add Details on These Apps. that Means You Can Add Your Name Like for Eg: “my Name Is Dinesh Bhandari”  when You Ask “What Is My Name ?” Then the Assistant Said That.


Advantages of Google Assistant.

  • It Is an Artificial Intelligence Program Developed by Google.
  • It Provides the Facility to Change the Voice of Males and Females.
  • Issa Rae Is the Female Who Had the Voice of A Google Assistant.
  • It Is Free and Secure.

3. Google Translate

This Is the Best App for Us to Communicate with Foreign People. It Translates All of The Languages Into Another Language. It Is an Offline App so That We Can Use This App without An Internet Connection.


We Can Translate Any Language Using This App. the Good Thing About This App Is that We Can Translate Language by Typing, Voice, and Camera. by Instant Camera Mode, We Can Translate 38 Languages. Whereas We Can Translate 32 Languages in Conversation Mode.


Advantage of Google Translate App

  • It Is Available on Android or ISO Also.
  • Ai Based App by Google LLC
  • It Is Free and Offline
  • Conversion of Image Translation


4. Gmail


It Is a Free Service Provided by Google. You Already Know that Most People Do Not Use Messages for Text. Nowadays All Android Users Use Gmail for Messages. It Provides a Facility to Send Messages Which May Be Text, Audio, Video, and Link Also
In Germany or Uk, It Is Known as Google Mail. Rajan Seth Gives Idea of Gmail in Google Meeting Then Paul Buchheit Developed This App. It Is Mainly Used for Marketing. We Can Easily Receive and Send Messages Through Gmail.


Advantages of Gmail

  • It Is Free of Costs.
  • We Can Easily Receive and Send Messages Through Gmail.
  • High Security of Data
  • Easily Contact and Communicate with Business and Organization

5. Camscanner

Camscanner Is an App that Helps Us to Scan Any Document. It Is the Most Helpful App for Scanning Documents. We Can Get Free Tools on This One Apps. We Can Scan HD Definition Image Or Document.

It Also Scans Perspective Or Stable Photos. We Can Also Crop Or Rotate Document While Editing Or Scanning.

Advantage Of CamScanner Apps:-

  • Automatically Cropping.
  • Perspective Or Rotate Document
  • It Saves Time

6. Shareit

Recently I Discuss Send and Recieve on Gmail and This App Is Also for Send and Recieve but The Difference Is We Can Send or Receive Nearby Us. Most of The People Already Installed This App.

We Can Easily Share Photos and Videos by This App. Nowadays Its Provides Short Video for Entertain Us. if You Not Download This App Make Sure to Download It.

Advantages of Shareit

  • We Can Send and Receive Files, Photos, and Videos.
  • Free and Secure Apps
  • Share Files and Photo Using Hotspot or Wifi

7. Lightroom

All of You Know that We Need at Least One Photo Editor's App to Edit Our Photos. for Fulfilling This Problem This App Is Best for You. and You Can Get High Advanced Features for Photo-Editing.

You Can Get Hue and Saturation Options for Manage Photos. You Can Also Get Crop and Grading Mode on These Apps.

This App Is Designed by Adobe and It Is Part of The Creative Cloud that Why This App Provides the Best Features for Us in Editing.

Advantages of Lightroom 

  • Free Apps for Photo Editing
  • Available on Ios, Android, and Mac Also.
  • High-Level Features
  • Also, Manage Grading and Hue 

8. ClimaCell

This Is the Best Weather API Free Apps, This Is a Very Unique and Very Helpful App. in This Very Simple Format. You Can Get Weather Data According to Your Location.

You Can See Upcoming and Early Weather Forecasting. and I Saw that ClimaCell Is a Very Useful App for Us. You Can Also Add Events. and This App Also Tells You how Suitable Condition Is for You.

Advantage of ClimaCell

  • You Can Add the Custom Events.
  • Free API Weather Forecasting
  • You Can Get Also Air Condition.

9. Sintelly

This App Provides Us to Learn Extra Knowledge. It Provides You to Learn Eq and Iq Information. It Offers Articles and Questions to Learn Some Extra.

You Can Read the Article According to Your Categories. You Can Bookmark the Article on This App. This Very Productive App for People Who Wants Some Extra Knowledge.

Advantages of Sintelly

  • Free Article for Us.
  • We Can Get the Content Idea for The Blog
  • To Get Learn Extra

10. Google Drive

If You Think Your Mobile Is About to Full Memory and You Don't Have Sufficient Storage Then You Can Use This App Called Google Drive. This Is Used as A Backup for Storage.

You Can Store Over 10 Gb Data on This Google Drive. You Need to Create an Account on That Then You Can Use It as A Backup or Storage. This Is the Storage Provided by Google. It Is a Secure and Good One.

Advantages Of Google Drive

  • It Is Free Backup Storage.
  • You Can Get 10GB of Storage on Your Google Drive Account.
  • Service of Google LLC.


Here are some useful apps for android devices. so that you can use this app for your basic life fulfillment. I hope you like this post. leave a good comment for this article.

Thank You, Dinesh Bhandari
Pyuthan Lamachaur

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