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How To Rank Blogger Blog On Google - Latest Tips Of 2021

Are You Feeling Sad by Getting Low Views and Lack of Visitors and Visitors and Search how To Rank Blogger Blog on Google? so This Article Is for You. in This Blog I Will Be Detailed Explain About Tips how To Check Blog Ranking and How to Rank Website on Google. All of Your Queries Will Be Solved if You Follow Some of These Tips on Your Blogs.
First Of All, Are You Starting Bloggings That A Good Idea For You. Sometimes May Be Your Post Does not Show In Google Or Any Search Engine. Even Your Blog Website Is Not Shown In Google. So That Is Due To Several Reasons.
By The Lack Of Proper SEO And Also Due To The Lack Ofcare In Post Writing. Some Of the Tips I Will Share With You In This Blog To Helps With Google Ranking.

Hey, I’m Dinesh Bhandari Welcome To Tiladevikhatri Let’s Dive In,
Blog and Created For Sharing Some Idea And Tips Among All People To Helps Them. But Some Time Our Blogs Did not Get Proper Responses Which Is Needed For Every blog In Ranking On Google. the ranking is the most valuable thing in blog popularity. here is some mistake which may be affected blog ranking.

1. Proper Research On Topics


Every blog Has Their Own Niche To Their Blogs. Which May Be Different For Others. Niche Is Also Known As Blogs Topics. As Example Before We Do Anything First Of All We Need to Know What Is That About And Same Rule Should Be Apply On Your Blogs?

We Should Do Proper Research On Topics And Then Write A Unique Article On It. Some Of the Beginner Mistakes That He Wrote A Article On Some Specific Things. So We Should Be Get Proper Research On Topics Which May Be Correct.

perfection In Information Of Article In Blog May Is Affected On Blog Ranking. We Can Use Some Website As Helps To Get Some Information For Our Blogs. Forbes And Wikipedia Are The Most Common Usable Site For Gettering Knowledge.


2. Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )


Seo Is The One Way That Easily Makes Our Blog On Top. I Means Seo Is The Fastest Way Or Tips To Gain Traffic On Blog. We Need Proper Implement On Our Article For Seo. Simple Words, It Is The Process Of Gathering Vistors By The Good Implement On Blog? There Are Many Things Which Is Included On Search Engine Optimization Seo. And I Will Detailed Explain In My Blogs.

Search Engine Optimization Is Now Complex Day By Day. We Can Build Link And Permalink For Seo. I Will Suggest You Can Read E-book Related To Seo Which Has Been Available On the Internet.

There were different Different Types Of Seo And in Blogging And They Are Listed In Different Below. On-Page Seo External Seo. These Seo Are Affect The Blog And Whole Site.

Nowadays Many Of Them Are Sell Online Book Of Seo Which Was Written In Pretty Well. And That Was Highly Costs. I Will Also Discuss These Seo.

first Of All Discuss About On Page Seo. Let's Dive In,

On-Page Seo

blog Is Create When We Add Some Well Written Article And These articles Were Written In Some Requirement Which Was Cover In Some Guildiness Which Means On Page Seo. We Need To Implement Everything In Onpage Seo To Rank Our Particular Blog Page.

Google Search Console Is The First Way Of Onpage Seo. We Need To Add Particular Page On Console To Shown On Google. and This Is The Free Webmaster Tool Which Means The Seo Tools.

Also, We Need keywords to Implement in Our Article.  for Example, Choose a Keyword for Your Article, by Repeating the Focus Keyword on Our Blog. It May Be Helpful on On-Page Seo. so I Suggest that Repeat the Focus Keywords.

Backlinks Buildings.

Links Are Now Connected to Each Other I May Be Posts Link and Some Informative. There Are Tips to Get Visitors that Are Linked to Each Other. We Need to Visit Some Information to Provide a Site to Build Backlinks. 

Tips of Build Backlinks Are so Easy but Difficult to Get Visitors, You Should Go to Quora. and Make Sure to Leave a Pretty Comment According to Posts. 

Go to Quora and Many Other Sites Which Have a Lot of Visitors for E.G Post Is Related to Seo Then Comment and Leave the Link on Comment Then This Is the Process of Backlink Building. 

Here Is the Step by Step Process, Let See.

First of All Searching the Topics of Content Which You Will Be Rank on Your Blog. for Eg I Wrote a Seo Related Content I Want to Get Back Then. Search This Type of Topic.

Seo for Blogger I Eve Search on Google

Here You See There Are Many Search Result This Is Related Post Which You Search For. Now You Can Choose Some Post for Commenting and Gate Backlinks Let Choose on Post for Linking Our Blog Posts.

Here I Choose One Blog Article for Linking. Now I Check This Article. Can This Is Perfect for Me After Checking? I Was Ready for Commenting with Good Words. and I Also Add Links. Let See How Can We Add a Link to Our Comment.

You Can See I Leave a Comment and I Also Add Link to My Website but You Can Add Post Link I Helps to Get Viewers or Vistors on Your Blogs.

Don't Spam on comments and Don't Repeat Adding Link on the Same Page I May Be Affect Your Traffic. These Are the Tips to Generate Backlinks.


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