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5 Ways To Earn Money Online | Online Earning in Nepal ?

Hey, Are You Bored by Reading Article on Google Which Is About Online Earning in Nepal? I Think You Must Have to Be Seen or Known Hundred of Influencers Said About That.

There Was Such an Article Who Have Written by Those People Who Actually Earn Money but Some of The Influencers Show Nightmares and They Have No Experience with Online Earning.

Online Making Money May Be Part-Time on Starting Time Because that Was the Time We Try for First-Time. There Are Actually Different Ways to Make Money.

Also, Note or Remembered There Are Mainly Two Types of Online Earning According to The Experts. by The Investment and Without Investment. We Need a Lot of Time and Patience for These Online Earnings.

1. Create Your Own Blog

Many People Now Earn by Their Typing Skill Yeah,  I Mean Blogging that Is Now Trending Because We Can Earn Money by Writing Articles

I Will Describe Shortly Because I Already Wrote an Article on Blogging You Can Read This. You Need to Choose Their Own Blog and Create Blog You Can Choose Any One Platform Because There Was Many Platform for Blogging for Example

  • Blogger
  • WordPress
  • Tumblr

 How Do Blogs Earn Money?

Because It Is Easy and Many Ways to Make Money on A Blog It Provides the Facility for Us to Make Money by Different Much More Ways Some of The Ways of Earning in Blog  Are

  1.  Advertisement
  2.  ebooks selling
  3.  affiliate links

 2. Freelancing

Freelancing Is One of The Best and Popular Ways to Make Money Online.  Freelancing Provides a Facility to Earn Money Freelancing Means Creating Gigs and Selling Your Own Creativity.

If You Have Any Own Skills  Anyone Means Everything Else if You Have Then You Start Freelancing for Example

  •  Blog Writing
  •  Search Engine Optimisation  Seo
  •  Video Editing
  •  Digital Marketing
  •  Data Entry
  •  Logo Design
  •  Banner Design
  •  Coding
  •  Website Development  Etc

Any Own Skills Does You Better Know You Can Easily Create Money. Because Freelancing Is a Good Source of Online Earning.  You Can Do Freelancing as A Part-Time or Career. 

Millions of People Nowadays  Make Money Through Freelancing Because It Is the Best and Good Opportunity for Any Student or Person Who Has Not Any Job.

Anyone Who Has Any Skill Just Like Simple Photo Editing Then in This Type of Person Also Uses Freelancing to Make Money.  You Can Easily Start Freelancing and Create a Profile.

How Freelancing Makes Money.

Already Said that  Freelancing Is the Best Way to Make Money Online.  Now I Said how To Make  Money Through Freelancing. First of All, Create Accounts on Freelancing Platforms.

There Are Over a Thousand Freelancing Sites on The Internet Which Provide Facilities for Freelancing. Some of The Freelancing Platform Are

  •  Fiverr
  •  Upwork
  • Freelancer

After Selecting Any One Platform Then Fill Off Required Details on Chosen Platform Then Create Gigs According to Our Knowledge Which Skill Does Better You Know. You Can Select Your Gifts with A Different Budget.

In a Freelancing Site, You Can Do Any Work According to Your Budget You Can Start from 5 Dollars to $1000.  in Starting Time You Need to Make Sure Skill and Service Provides Better Then You Can Easily Get Orders on Fiverr After Getting Orders You  Can Easily  Start Making Money.

3. Facebook Page and YouTube

Facebook is a popular social media that is used by 5  billion people.  Now Facebook provides facilities to earn money by using Facebook pages. 

I will briefly describe the Facebook pages.  We can see pages on Facebook which are created by individuals or businesses for their business and project. We also make money from Facebook pages.

To make Facebook pages then customize the page by adding a logo and custom-made banner.  After filling up the required details on Facebook pages then We need to write some articles for content on Facebook pages. 

There are many ways to make money on Facebook but I truly describe Monitestion.  monetization can create money. It provides facilities to add advertisements on Facebook pages which generate revenue. 

There Are Several Rules or Limitations for Achieving Monetization on Facebook Pages. Limitation Is You Need 10,000 Followers on Facebook Pages and Also Complement the Monetization Policy.  After Fulfilling This Limitation  You Can  Make Money from Facebook Pages.

YouTube Is a Large Video Sharing Platform and It Is a Popular Trend for Making Money. We Can Earn Money by Running Ads on YouTube Is the  Primary Way of Making Money on the YouTube. There Was a Feature of Monetization on YouTube.  the Monetisation of the Features that Enable Us to Earn  Money by Serving Ads.

But Sadly There Was a Requirement for Monetization. We Also Need 4000 Watch Times and 1000 Subscribers and Also a Violet Privacy Policy for YouTube. There Were Regulation and Rule for Monetization on YouTube.

The Good Thing Is We Can Make Money from Youtube by A Thousand Methods.  Sale in Affiliate  Product and  Short Link.  We Can  Also Sell Our Product as An Affiliate.  We Can Launch Merchandise on YouTube.  Sponsorship Is Also a Way to Make Money on YouTube. 

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Each Collaboration Between Merchant and Its Affiliates. It Is the Advertisement Best Performs to Sell and Get Revenue from Any Product. in Affiliate Programs We Can Create Affiliate Accounts and Sell the Product of This Company E Which Provide Pause Different Types of Affiliate Programs.

It Is the Source of Making Money Online.  Millions of People Who Use Affiliate Programs for Making Money Online You Can Start an Affiliate Program by The Different Online Stores Who Provide This Type of Program. 

There Are Over Millions of Sites Which Enable Us to Start Affiliate Programs There Are Several Companies Who Provide Affiliate Programs.  Some of Them Are

  1. Amazon

  2. Flipkart

  3. Alibaba

  4. Hostinger

  5. Godaddy

Affiliate Sales Are Tracked via to Calculate Our Income of Commission.  We Get Unique Links to Any Product. Our Work Is We Need to Sell Products by Our Links. Anyone Bought This Product Through Our Links Then We Get a Certain Commission.  so That's how  Affiliates Work.

5.  Gdp Sites

These Sites Are so Easy to Earn that We Can Earn Easily but This Amount May Be Lower and For a Certain Time. if You Want to Earn Small Revenue in A Certain Time Then You Can  Dive on These Platforms.

These Are Some for Earning. These Sites Provide Different Works Like Fill up Captcha Typing Recaptcha and Many More.  It Gives Tasks Like Clicking Ads. This Site Provides an Easy Withdrawal System.  These Sites Have Low Withdrawal Money.  Some of This Site Is

  •  ReCaptcha
  •  peopleperhour
  •  2captcha
  •  rapidtyping


These Are the Ways of Making Money Online. This Method for Money Online. All of These Methods Are Now so Popular for Online Earning. We Can Get Easy Methods on Withdrawal. All of These Are the Best. Thank You for Reading and Stay with Us.

Leave a Beautiful Comet or Response for Us, Thank You.

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